Friday, September 5, 2014

34 weeks, baby no. 2

34 weeks!

the countdown is really on and nesting is in full swing, haha!  this week hubby is heading off on a business trip and i have so many lists of things to do to organize while he is gone.  before he leaves, he's going to bring up all the baby stuff for me from the basement so i can start washing baby clothes and diapers and such.  as soon as i knew he was going away, the list making began and i'm feeling excited to be getting the baby things out again.  it's really happening!

baby no. 2 has been extremely active this week.  a couple of nights ago, hubby and i were relaxing on the couch and the baby kicked me so hard right near my ribs that i yelped out loud!  we've been on the go a lot this week, in addition to having a teething toddler who's not sure he wants to sleep at night, so i'm feeling quite tired, but somehow i manage to muster up the energy to keep up with my little man ;)

i had my 34 week appointment this week and thankfully everything is still as normal as can be :)  my blood pressure is great and no other signs of anything significant happening, i.e. preeclampsia rearing its ugly head again.  i'm starting to wonder about what it will be like to go into labor.  with being induced with ian, i missed out on the moment of realization of "this is it".  i was already so exhausted from waiting for the induction and then once they broke my water everything happened so fast, i'm kind of worried about it just happening randomly.  what if my water breaks while ian and i are running errands at target, or what if they have to send me to the hospital from an appointment when i have him with me, or god forbid baby decides to come early while one's hubby is out of the country?  haha!   oh well, i guess that's the joy of the unknown when it comes to having a baby.  exciting, but nervewracking!

dear little one, 

you are getting big and strong in there, my love.  what a surprise you gave mummy earlier this week with those super strong kicks!  ian has felt you a couple of times, most often when we are snuggled reading stories.  sometimes he doesn't seem bothered and other times he looks at my tummy as if to say, "what was that?".  i've tried explaining to him that you are just trying to say hello, but i don't think he quite understands yet haha!

i promise i'm starting to get things organized for your arrival.  we haven't done much so far, but hopefully by this time next week, things will be a little more in order :)  i can't wait to see you wearing the tiny baby clothes again and playing with the toys we had for ian.  i know he will be delighted to share them with you!

well my just about five pound baby, it is getting late and while i'm enjoying thinking about you and all the fun times to come, i should probably get some rest.  even if your brother's teeth don't bother him tonight while he sleeps, he doesn't yet understand the concept of sleeping in.  i doubt you will for a while either...those days are long gone :)

you are much loved, little one.  stay safe!

love, mummy

Thursday, August 28, 2014

32 and 33 weeks, baby no. 2

32 weeks and i'm feeling ok!

this baby is starting to make things rather uncomfortable, especially at night.  i'm not sure if i even mentioned this with my pregnancy with ian, but i'm a hardcore stomach sleeper and being pregnant kind of throws a wrench into that whole thing!  i've borrowed one of the pregnancy sleep pillows from a dear friend and that has been my saving grace so far, but unfortunately now this baby is getting bigger and more active, i'm sleeping less and less.  the heartburn has also reared its ugly head and that often gets so bad, it wakes me up.  overall, i'm still getting some sleep which is good!  definitely preparing me for a newborn again, although the timing is kind of stinky, as ian has just about started sleeping through the night reliably!  typical ;)

the last couple weeks ian has really started to pick up his language.  we're definitely hitting that language explosion and it's fun to hear him putting together little sentences.  he's started saying "hi baby" unprompted by me, as well as "sorry baby" when he accidentally (or not so accidentally) bumps my tummy or jumps on my lap a little too boisterously.  


33 weeks and feeling tired haha!  didn't even get my camera out for these ones unfortunately.

i honestly believe this baby thinks the way out is through my right side.  he or she spends the majority of the day entirely over there and in the evening kicks and pushes something wicked all the way around almost by my back.  i have a sore spot on my right side and the midwife said it's possible to get a bruise on the inside when the baby sticks with one spot a lot!  i don't remember this feeling with ian...he moved so much, but always all over...never in the same place all the time.

this week has also brought on some anxiety about how on earth i'm going to manage two!  i am lucky that hubby gets a week of paternity leave this time, but after that i will be on my own with a two year old and a newborn.  i feel like some days i struggle to get everything done with just ian around, let alone him and an infant who requires feeding every two hours and diaper changes as often, if not more!  when will i do laundry, clean the house, cook meals, eat meals, sleep???  i'm not quite sure!  i know when i hold this little one in my arms and he or she smiles up at me, it will all be worth it, but right now i'm in the scared and anxious phase.  i've also realized that i have nothing ready for the baby at all.  by this time with ian, we had things starting to get set up, clothes in the wash, diapers prepped.  currently for this one, nada.  clothes are still packed away, as are the diapers.  car seat, swing, name it...all still need putting together and washing or cleaning.  so. much. to. do!  *sigh* 

well, hubby has a business trip coming up, so i think i will set my days and nights to organizing and laundry.  i know this must be the start of nesting lol...not too long to go now!!

dear little one,

the summer is coming to a close.  children are heading back to school and fall is right around the corner.  i remember being pregnant with your big brother and getting excited for the crisper days and darker nights, knowing it was bringing us closer to meeting him.  unfortunately mother nature is still clinging to summer and decided to bring us a heat wave for the last week of august.  it's been in the 90's the past couple of days and i remember why i didn't want to be pregnant in the summer again.  so much for that plan ;)

for the first time this past week, i have started to feel like i'm running out of room inside for you.  i'm starting to get winded just having a conversation and when i ran hills at boot camp on monday, i felt like a fish out of water gasping for air!  eating is hit or miss...sometimes i feel so hungry, take two bites and feel full...other times i can eat a whole plate just fine.  

i'm starting to wonder more and more whether you are a boy or a girl :)  with ian, i was content to wait until the very end.  it never really bothered me not knowing.  this time around it's niggling in the corner of my mind, haha.  if i sit too long and think, i start wondering about life with a baby girl or baby boy.  how will you look (or not look) like your brother?  if you are a girl, will you be born with hair or as bald as ian was?  if you are a boy, will you be a mini me version of ian or represent different physical characteristics from our families?  so many questions!!  at least we are almost there.  we have your names chosen and occasionally i'll have ian practice them.  it's so cute to hear him say your name.  i can't wait to know which one it will be :)

stay safe and healthy (and try out my left side every once in a can't be much different from the right, but it would help your mummy out a bunch!).

love, mummy

Thursday, August 14, 2014

30 and 31 weeks, baby no. 2

this poor baby hasn't even been born yet and is already suffering from second child syndrome!  completely missed 29 weeks...and am now smooshing together 30 and 31!!  oh least i'm doing most weeks right?  (i'll just keep telling myself that...)

first of all, i can't believe we are in the thirties!  when did that happen??  the weeks are really flying by this time for certain.  

week 30 has been a busy one including a final 5k for this pregnancy.  (i would keep running more, but darling hubby has decided i am soft in the head for wanting to do another race at nine months haha).  the race was up in rockport, ma and it's a beautiful course, right along the coast with the smell of the ocean in your nose as you race.  i ran it last year with ian in the jogging stroller and didn't realize quite how hilly rockport actually is!  this time round i was prepared for the course and felt super comfortable.  i honestly don't feel any different running at seven months pregnant other than getting out of breath faster (i'm trying to oxygenate 40% more blood here people) and the lovely feeling of needing to pee every. single. downhill. step.  haha.  the race went really well and my time was faster than my race at 23 weeks on a flat course...wooo!  (and if my husband is reading this, i wasn't "racing" just happened!)  overall, i'm so glad i kept running thus far and darn it all, i'm proud of myself for running a 5k at 30 weeks!  that is something i never ever could have done while pregnant with ian.  i'm not done exercising yet though, still doing boot camp, but i am putting running on the back burner until after this little one is born.

i realized in going back and looking at my bump posts with ian, that unbeknownst to me, i wore the exact same outfit for both 30 week  i was hoping i would look so much better in these current ones as i was already quite swollen from the beginnings of preeclampsia with ian, but to my despair...i don't see any difference!!  how can that be?!  i guess i'm just destined to be a huge preggo despite working out, losing a ton of weight before this pregnancy etc.  i have come to terms with it and i'm just hoping that the weight will come off as easily as it appears to be going on haha!

and now to present day...

i am definitely feeling well into the third trimester.  about a week ago i felt like i hit a brick wall when it came to my energy levels.  i'm not sleeping well at night (partly insomnia, partly just uncomfortable) and by the afternoons, i'm finding myself falling asleep while trying to play with ian.  i currently play a lot of trains, tractors, bridges and tunnels from a horizontal position on our living room rug lol.  i think this is one of the biggest differences between a first and second have another child to care for.  with ian, if i was tired, i plunked my bum down and took a nap whenever i wanted.  this time around, 5pm hits and although i would much rather curl up in bed and sleep, i have to prepare dinner, pick up toys, run a bath and put the little man down for bed.  it's exhausting, but i honestly wouldn't change it for the world.  ian is getting more and more excited about the baby and i think he is really starting to understand that we are going to have a new baby in our house soon.  (or maybe that's just my optimistic maternal thinking!)

this week has been particularly tiring as hubby has been away in manhattan on business for the week.  we were fortunate enough to have some friends who needed housing overnight while they had some insulation blown in their attic.  the company was lovely and nice to know there was another adult in this giant house other than myself.  (this is my first time in the new house without hubby around).  fortunately, link and ian seem to know i couldn't handle too much more and have both been very well behaved for me while hubby was away.  i am very much looking forward to having him home soon :)

dear little one,

we are getting closer and closer to meeting you every day!  your daddy and i were just chatting today about how we can't believe how quickly the weeks are passing and how we are very soon going to be a family of four...well five, including link :)  we can't wait to see who you will be and how you and your big brother will get along.

speaking of your big brother, he is getting more and more ready for your arrival.  this week he moved into a big boy bed so that you can have the crib to use once you are ready.  he looooves his new bed and i know he will be excited to see you using the "baby bed".  it's been lovely to see him interacting with nell's baby sister, ree and i'm hopeful from watching these interactions that he is going to be the best big brother to you.  

i've also been getting some baby practice in by taking care of ree one afternoon a week.  the first time i took care of her for your auntie sarah i felt like i had forgotten everything baby now that i am the mummy of a full blown toddler!  however this week, things were much easier and i'm sure that once i have you in my arms, we will get the hang of the little baby thing once again :)

stay safe, little one (and keep your feet out of my rib cage every once and while, hey?)

love, mummy

Friday, July 25, 2014

27 and 28 weeks, baby no. 2

once again doubling up on posts for this little one...poor baby! 

27 weeks found us hot and humid here in new england.  as much as this winter dragged on and on and we were all desperate for summer weather, i really would prefer a break in the humidity!  i guess the grass is always greener, eh?

the week was busy attending another wedding, this time in maine.  instead of just going up for the wedding day itself, we spent the weekend with my in-laws in between the wedding celebrations.  ian really enjoyed the whole weekend, as did hubby and i.  it was fun to see some friends from college who we haven't seen in a long time, as well as enjoying a yummy breakfast out with family on sunday morning.

this most recent week has brought the start of my third trimester!  i cannot believe we are in the home stretch already.  we did the lovely glucose test yesterday and while it was not the best appointment in the world (coupled with a cantankerous-needing-a-nap toddler), i haven't heard anything back yet.  usually they would have called by now if i failed the one hour test, so i'm hoping my phone stays quiet for the rest of the afternoon :)

i'm excited to say that i'm still exercising and running.  i have another race next weekend in rockport, ma and i'm really looking forward to it.  many of the mums i run with have been training for the half marathon race the same day and i'm slightly jealous that i'm not able to join them.  it was my goal to run a half this summer, obviously prior to finding out i was expecting, and so now i'm just sticking to the 5k.  it will be fun all the same :)

dear little one,

happy third trimester baby!  we've made it to the final stretch...even though that final stretch is twelve weeks long ;)  you are now about 15 inches long and just over two big as an eggplant.  i love feeling your kicks getting stronger.  sometimes my tummy will all of a sudden leap to the left or's incredible to think how much power you have in your still tiny arms and legs!

your big brother is starting to understand a bit more about you, i think.  he frequently talks about babies, points them out in stores or on walks and gives you hugs and kisses before bed and throughout the day :)  it is very sweet and i cannot wait for you two to meet in person.  

tomorrow your daddy and i are going away to celebrate our seventh wedding anniversary!  it is the first time we will have left ian with someone else overnight and although i'm excited for the time, i'm nervous about leaving him.  you, little one, get to tag along for the fun.  at least you are still remarkably easier to take care of, even if i have to choose carefully off the menu and ignore the wine list :p

we love you, little one.  stay safe and keep growing!

love, mummy

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

26 weeks, baby no. 2

the weeks are flying by!  i can't believe it's wednesday again and that we've ticked over to 26 weeks.  this past week we spent a goodly amount of time working on the house.  i got a few more boxes unpacked and am finally starting to find permanent places for things.  we had new appliances delivered on saturday, although through a mistake (times two) on best buy's behalf, we currently have a fridge residing in our living room.  they have now said it won't be installed until monday, much to our frustration.  at least we have the space to hold two fridges for the time being and that the old one is hanging in there for us to be using.

i was excited to return to baby boot camp classes this week.  ian and i took the month of june off from class to focus on packing and moving.  i did keep running, but i definitely missed going to class and working on the strength training.  we've been back twice so far and it's amazing how just one month off feels like ages when it comes to working out.  that first class back kicked my bum!  the second one was a lot better and i'm looking forward to going again next week.  things definitely require some modification, especially now there is a bigger bump in the way, but for the most part, i'm able to keep up just fine.  it's crazy to think how much more active i am this time around.  i could never have done this while pregnant with ian!

i had a midwife appointment recently and i'm happy to report everything looks great!  i worry at every appointment that those early preeclampsia signs will appear again, but my blood pressure is completely normal, still no swelling and my weight gain is actually within the normal range as well.  i feel much more relaxed about my health now, even with the early scare that something was wrong with my kidneys!  praise the lord that this baby is doing well and keeping me healthy too :)

dear little one,

this week has been busy, but also fairly normal in the scheme of things!  your big brother has been having some trouble sleeping, so you and i have been up to comfort him during the wee hours of the morning.  i love that he snuggles me in a big bear hug around my tummy to get comfy for sleeping.  the best is when you start kicking him!  he doesn't understand what that means yet, but i think it's pretty cool you are communicating with him already!  hopefully those kicks will be replaced with snuggles and kisses once you are here though ;)

this weekend you will be attending your first wedding!  your friend nell's uncle andrew is tying the knot with his lovely fiance, hannah, and we are looking forward to celebrating with them :)  hopefully mummy can find something semi flattering to wear and some comfy shoes.  it will be quite a long day, as we will be traveling to connecticut for the day, so please be on your best behavior and no kicking my bladder on those long car rides ;)

well, going to head to bed my little one and attempt to get some sleep.  between pregnancy insomnia and your brother's unsettled nights, it's becoming a rare thing around here!  we love you...stay safe and keep growing strong and healthy.

love, mummy

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

24 and 25 weeks, baby no. 2

i feel like this poor baby is getting left out on bump updates and ‘dear little one’ letters, but honest to goodness, last week i really couldn't blog.  i did take pictures of 24 weeks, but it was after an insanely long day of moving out of our house and crashing in a hotel for the night with no access to internet (unless we wanted to pay an arm and a leg to use it for an hour!).  i am so happy to have our new home with more space and a garden for the kids to play in, but moving while six months pregnant and taking care of a 20 month old is no picnic!  i was exhausted. 

the one thing i am super happy about is the lack of swelling i am experiencing this time around.  by this point in my pregnancy with ian the first signs of preeclampsia had set in (although i didn’t realize it at the time, as it was such a slow progression) and i was sporting some unsightly cankles and a ballooning face.  i am pleased to report that even on move out day when i spent all day on my feet in the 95 degree heat, i arrived at the hotel with the same size feet i started with in the morning!  this may seem like a strange thing to comment upon, but for me it’s a big deal. it is giving me hope that i may continue to have a normal pregnancy and not have to receive an induction at the end (or god forbid before!).  i’m also still able to comfortably wear my wedding rings, even in the high heat and humidity that the past few days have brought.  yay for baby number two helping me out ;)

so yes, 24 weeks saw us moving out of our first house and now at 25 weeks, we are settling in to our new one.  we moved only a short distance, one town over, but it still feels quite far when everything you own has to be boxed up and put on a truck.  i am quite proud to say that despite being increasingly more pregnant and taking care of ian all day, i still have managed to get all the main rooms in the house unpacked and livable.  it has been an exhausting week (not even yet!) and most days i fall into bed already asleep haha!

this little one is continuing to become more active, although as mentioned before, isn’t nearly as active as his or her brother was at this point (with which i’m totally ok).  we are still running and working out…heading for another 5k race at the beginning of august.  i’m proud of myself for still going and not using my pregnancy as an excuse to sit on my bum, although i know how lucky i am to be feeling like i can be up and exercising.  i am slightly bummed that it’s not helping with my weight gain however!  pretty sure i’m on track to overshoot the “expected” weight gain, as the textbooks tell us.  i do however, feel comfortable knowing that the weight isn’t from a lack of exercise or healthy eating.  i’m making good choices (most of the time…ignore the 4 girl scout cookies i ate while writing this post!) and i’m not swollen.  maybe i’m just one of those women who surpasses the anticipated average weight gain…who knows?!

dear little one,

these past couple of weeks have put your mummy through the ringer.  i’m completely exhausted and yet somehow, i just keep going.  i feel like dory from ‘finding nemo'…just keep going, just keep going.  of course, you have no idea what movies are yet, but someday when you are older, i will show you and your brother ‘finding nemo’ and then you will understand :)

your kicks and movements are getting so much stronger!  there are times when i just sit and stare at my tummy moving around vivaciously.  i can’t wait to meet you and see your tiny arms and legs in motion for myself.  you are getting pretty big in there too…average is about one and a half pounds by now and close to 14” long.  where is the time going?  only seven more inches and you’ll have caught up to your brother!  i often wonder whether you will be similar in size to ian or smaller (please don’t be any bigger!!!).  i also find myself spending time wondering whether you are a boy or a girl.  we have decided on a name for each (but won’t be sharing until you arrive) and i think about what your future might look like as my daughter with a big brother to protect you or as my baby boy with his big brother and best friend/partner-in-crime.  either way our lives are going to be so enriched by having you in this family and we can’t wait.

well i suppose mummy should get back to unpacking some more of those lovely “miscellaneous” boxes!  love you, little one.

love, mummy

Friday, June 20, 2014

we're moving!

i've been meaning to write a post about our latest announcement, but due to the nature of said announcement haven't got to posting!

we are moving less than a week!

we have loved our home for the last three years.  it has been the perfect place for us to start our family, raise our son and enjoy our life together.  when we moved in three years ago, we knew this wouldn't be our forever home, but a great starting point.  with the impending arrival of baby no. 2, we decided to seriously start looking for something a little bigger with a yard and a driveway (after this winter we are done with on- street parking and snow bans!), as well as a solid school district for the children.

we were feeling quite discouraged after several months of searching and realizing what an expensive area of the country we reside in, however a delightful house popped on the market at the beginning of april and we knew it was the one for us.  we attended both open houses and met with a real estate agent to have our house assessed and move forwards with an offer.  after speaking with him, hubby was concerned that the budget was just a little too tight and would put us close to breaking point...not somewhere we want to be with a young family.  we said unfortunately we would not be putting in an offer and went back to life as normal.

fast forward three weeks and i'm still stalking the online listing and ogling over the photos.  hubby calls me during one of these such sessions and, without knowing what i'm doing, says he's been thinking about the finances and is thinking we should reconsider offering on the house.  long story short, we put in an offer, it was accepted and we put our own house on the market.  we received five offers after just two open houses with four above asking price!  our prayers were answered and we were really able to move forward with the puchase and sale of both properties.

since the beginning of may we have just been waiting for closing, originally scheduled for mid-july.  fortunately for us, everyone involved got their paperwork and financing through quickly and the closing date got moved up to june 26th.  i was away in ohio when this news came through, so i returned from our trip with three weeks to pack our whole house.  we are now five days away from the movers showing up.  we are coming a full circle and tying things up neatly with a bow and moving out on june 25th, exactly three years to the day when we moved in.  we will then close on both houses on the 26th and move in that afternoon.  by this time next week, i will be sitting on this very couch in our new living room.  i can't wait!

once we are settled and somewhat moved in, i will post pictures of the new place.  it is a home full of quirkiness and character and, while it is ready for us to move in, there is a lot to be done as well.  i'll be stalking home improvement and decor sites for the months to come, as well as blogging our adventures, i'm sure.  our main hope is to have the big ticket things taken care of before baby arrives in the fall.

stay tuned for more house updates :)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

23 weeks, baby no. 2

so i skipped a couple weeks...haha. 
 life got busy, pictures didn't get taken, but baby has been growing!

this week i ran another road race, the louise rosetti 5k, with the baby boot camp team.  i am a fan of the lovely purple team tanks for this year's race, although had to order a size up to accommodate my growing bump!

 i ran this race last first race back after having ian (and several years off from running altogether) with the same team.  last year we all had babes in jogging strollers.  this year those toddlers hung out with their daddies, as many of us are pregnant with our seconds!  we had some fantastic mamas up front (not pregnant/no strollers) who got some awesome times.  i was only three minutes slower than my race time last year, although a good five or six than my best 5k back in december.  i figure i should allow myself some extra time these days ;)  

one final shout out for our boot camp team...we came in second place!  they tally the top seven times from each team (three of our seven are preggo) and we are pretty proud of ourselves :)  not bad for a bunch of mums!  i love being part of such a supportive and inspiring community of healthy mamas.

dear little one,

you've been on a growth spurt, munchkin...or else it's all the extra snacks i've been consuming to cope with feeling hungry 24/7 ;)  you are also getting quite active these days, although not as much as your big brother.  i never had a break from his kicking and back flips whether it was night or day.  you do seem to have sleepy times, especially during the daytime, but when you get going, i can definitely tell you are moving around!  your favorite time of day currently is about 10pm.

we made it through our first 5k together!  surprisingly you don't make me feel much different, with the exception of getting out of breath faster due to all the extra blood coursing around my veins.  it feels really good to be up and active during my pregnancy with you.  i hope that my healthy choices will be passed onto you at an early age and that you might someday come to love running as much as i do.

a funny thing happened this week that made me laugh.  i guess i hadn't realized how much you had grown when i reached across our kitchen counter top and knocked a glass of water over.  i couldn't figure out how it had happened since my arms had gone up into a cupboard to put some mugs away.  then it hit me that it was you that caused the ruckus!  i'm sure it won't be the last time ;)

love, mummy

Thursday, June 5, 2014

ian's first camping trip

as mentioned, ian and recently returned from a trip out to ohio to visit my family.  while we were there, we took advantage of my parents' camping set up and join them for a memorial day weekend camping trip.  i started camping at the ripe old age of six months and enjoyed going every year as a child while we lived in england.  unfortunately, camping in england is a bit different to camping in america (depending on where you live) and we never got to camping as a family in the u.s.  since my mum has taken over troop leader of my sister's girl scout troop, she has got back into camping and the rest of the family has followed suit.  they invited ian and i to join them and i felt it a perfect opportunity to introduce ian to the great outdoors :)  

i'll let the photos show you what we got up to...

first moments at camp...woke up at camp after falling asleep in the car on the way over the night before.  heading to set up his special camp chair with aunt olivia.

my brother's larvo (teepee shaped tent) was the home base for food and equipment storage.  my parents' asashi was our home for three nights...ian and i had the left tent, my parents, olivia and pepper (their beagle) had the right tent.  my brother tarp camped across the way with his own stuff.

early morning sunlight

someone was just a little chuffed that he had his own special camp chair...

and a table to boot!

but then he felt the need to recline in the grown up chairs...haha

pepper on her new doggie camp bed

ian was interested in my camera and took this picture by's one of the best ones i have of my brother!!

hanging out with grandpa before breakfast

snuggles with "uncle"

we took a brief respite from camp to attend "thomas' day out" thanks to my parents.  ian had an absolute blast, but also now thinks that visiting "choo choos" is what camping is all about!

checking out some other large vehicles with grandpa

buttons to push!!

pondering life from a tractor bucket

it's actually quite comfy once you get properly situated ;)

breakfast on sunday morning

practicing for the tightrope

just look at that handsome devil.  i declare there is nothing cuter than a little boy in tiny wellie boots!!

"where's ian?"

"is he hiding?"


grandpa teaching ian about chopping wood.  20 months is old enough to use an ax right...?

grandpa in motion
disclaimer: above toddler was removed to a safe distance before any actual chopping occured!

my brother cooking on the open fire.  everything tasted amazing :)

ian playing with his new dump truck from grandma

" thumb is dirty...see?"

love this boy so much :)

it really was a fantastic weekend and i will remember it for years to come.  ian and i are extremely grateful to my parents and brother for allowing us to use all their gear.  i'm excited to someday get our own camping equipment and take our children on trips to make their own fond memories!