Monday, January 26, 2015

january 26, 2015

as mentioned last week, we took a trip to the library and came home with some new books, one of which was where's waldo.  we spent some time looking for him this morning on ian's favorite page..."space ships, mummy!!!"  after admiring said space ships for a while, he successfully found waldo hiding in the space (what does one call that haha).


Sunday, January 25, 2015

january 25, 2015

for the past couple of weeks lydia has been getting more and more interested in toys.  she has a toy bar on her swing seat and some toys hanging on the handle of her car seat.  she's been playing with the toy bar for a while now, but i haven't seen her reaching for the car seat ones...until today.  we had arrived home from grocery shopping (pre-blizzard prepping along with the rest of the north shore who descended on trader joe's this afternoon!) and she was still in her seat while we were getting the groceries and ian in from the car.  i looked down to see her reaching and grabbing on to her little elephant.  ian chose this himself to give to lydia for christmas.  it was a tiny moment, but a fun one, to see her becoming more and more interactive with her surroundings :)


(disclaimer: although the bunting she is wearing seems's still a tiny bit big on her...we do not make any adjustments to her seat straps when putting her in, meaning it is safe for her to wear while traveling. it's actually quite thin, but cozy, which is great when i have to get her out of the car and into the carrier in the freezing cold.)

Saturday, January 24, 2015

january 24, 2015

today we had our first proper snowfall of the winter season.  we woke up to the snow falling and it continued all morning, much to ian's delight.  not having a garden in our salem house made it difficult to just "go out and play", so we never did end up making it out to play in the snow last winter.  this year however, we have a great garden for which to go frolicking in the snow :)  my mother-in-law gave us a snowman building kit for christmas and today seemed like the perfect day to break it out.

ian loved playing in the snow and tromped all over the garden for ages.  he helped me scoop snow and shape it into the snowman.  i got him to pose for a couple pictures, but he insisted in holding his baseball bat in every single one...toddlers!  unfortunately the pic i got of him proudly standing by his snowman was on my phone and therefore not eligible for project 365.  i did however, get this cute grin after he conquered the snowy stairs by himself...see the baseball bat? ;)

(for the snowman pic, check out my instagram feed!)


Friday, January 23, 2015

january 23, 2015

today ian and ellie had a fun playdate at imagination station in hamilton.  it's a low key, but organized, open play group held by the hamilton-wenham recreation department a couple days a week.  we've heard about it, but never attended before, and it was definitely worth the $5 we paid as admission!  it's held in the rec center gym and they have everything out to play with, from ride on kiddie cars, to a giant parachute, to tents and tunnels all connected into a maze.  my highly active two year old was in absolute heaven.  he spent a good hour riding around on different bikes and tricycles, as well as pushing a giant dump truck around at ninety miles an hour.  i'm sure we will be back at least a few more times this winter.


Thursday, January 22, 2015

january 22, 2015

today we took a much anticipated trip to the library.  as ian told hubby this evening, "i love books".  we hadn't been since before the holidays, but now that we are back into a more normal routine, we will be taking weekly trips.  the library we go to has a children's play area with a fantastic train table that ian adores.  we play toys for a little while, read some stories and then he gets to choose three books to bring home.  today he chose (with my help) curious george learns the alphabet, curious george goes sledding and where's waldo.  i thought the last one might be a bit of stretch for him, but hubby looooved finding waldo when he was a kid, so i figured they could do it together.

today's picture isn't the best one of the few i took, but it's my favorite.  i love how in this one you can see his lips pursed from buzzing as he was "brmming" the trains up the hill.  it's the little things :)


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

january 21, 2015

the kiddos and i ran a few errands this morning, some of which took us through the beautiful, coastal town of marblehead.  i finally remembered to bring my camera with me on an outing and got a crisp morning shot of salem harbor.  i love the clouds sweeping across the blue sky :)


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

january 20, 2015

it's no secret we have a tiny dining room table haha!  it was our first (and currently only) one, bought off of craigslist, when we had our first apartment after we married in 2007.  we are now squeezing more and more people around it when we have family to stay or friends (who now have kids of their own) for dinner.  although it may be tiny, there is no reason it shouldn't look lovely.  this past weekend our local williams-sonoma closed their location.  their final day everything left was 50% off the lowest price.  we got some amazing deals, among them being some new linen placements and coordinating cotton napkins.  i paired them with a new porcelain pitcher i snagged for $3 at a local thrift store and some tulips from trader joes.  i really love a good bargain!


Monday, January 19, 2015

january 19, 2015

today this little girlie is three months old!  we did a little photo shoot and while her three month blog update will showcase most of them, i wanted to pick one of my favorites for today's project 365 pic.  i can't believe we've hit the three month mark already.  it feels like just yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital!  

check out her three month update here.


lydia at three months

january 19, 2015

approximately 14 1/2 pounds
(no pedi visit for exact measurements)

we did it!  we made it through the first three months with this little girlie :)  it has been crazy, fun, emotional, stressful and a whole lot more, but i wouldn't change a single thing!  lydia is continuing to do really well.  she's definitely grown, although without a visit to the pediatrician, i don't have an exact weight this time around, though i'm fairly confident she's around fourteen and a half pounds.  she's growing out of clothes left, right and center and is wearing 3-6 months in some brands and 6 months in others.  i need to think about making her some new headbands as well, as her first few are starting to get a little small!

lydia, if possible, is getting more smiley and giggly as the weeks go by.  she hasn't hit the stranger danger phase yet and will willingly share a smile with whoever comes over to see her...acquaintances at church, waiters in restaurants, employees in name it.  her giggles are also the best thing ever.  if you kiss her a bunch on her cheeks, she starts to laugh.  if she hears you laugh at something, she'll join in, which usually makes us laugh harder.  oh, to be a fly on the wall in our house on a random afternoon and you may find ian, lydia and me giggling hysterically while the dog runs around woofing his head off wondering if we have lost our minds.  we have fun :)

we haven't seen any more rolling yet, but lydia is definitely thinking about moving.  if she's on her blanket for some floor time, either on her tummy or back, she'll eventually work herself around on the blanket and be facing a completely different direction.  when on her tummy, she's pulling her legs up underneath her and kicking out, which sometimes propels her forwards, but at this point without a ton of strength there yet, she ends up just flailing around lol.

this girl must be beginning the teething process, although that doesn't necessarily mean we will see teeth anytime soon.  in the last few weeks she has begun drooling incessantly.  it really is time to be wearing bibs to preserve her outfits from getting soaked, but i'm having a hard time covering up her super sweet outfits!  i think it's inevitable though.  she chews on her hands and fingers most of the day and the other day i caught her staring at them!  she must be getting close to the point of realizing they are her own and attached to the ends of her arms hehe.

lydia is still super chatty.  it continues to amaze us every day how much she "talks".  the above picture was actually mid sentence.  i really could sit and chat to her all day.

and just because we think she's so darn cute, here's a mid giggle shot.  our happy, happy little lady.  we couldn't be more blessed.

love you, baby girlie.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

january 18, 2015

i'm lucky to have a husband who loves to cook.
he's the best :)


Saturday, January 17, 2015

january 17, 2015

i managed to catch this sweet moment early this morning, not long after the kiddos had awoken and come downstairs to play.  lydia was tummy timing it and ian very sweetly offered to play legos near her "so she could see".  lydia is really getting much more interested in toys (although perhaps not quite ready for legos haha) and i catch her watching ian more and more throughout the day.  i didn't think my heart could feel any more love that it already does for my son and daughter, until i saw them together in this brief moment this morning.  i can't wait to see them able to play together more as lydia grows older and stronger.


Friday, January 16, 2015

january 16, 2015

we went to leave the house this morning and noticed a little visitor apparently stopped by last night.  i'm guessing raccoon, but i'm not an expert at figuring out animal tracks.  there were tons of footprints all around our cars and front steps and then this one trail that led back to the deck, across the deck and off into the garden.  i do love that snow overnight allows you to see what's been going on while you are sleeping :)


Thursday, January 15, 2015

january 15, 2015

tricolor summer penne pasta for tonight's dinner.  quick, healthy and delicious and perfect for an evening meal :)  recipe courtesy of the skinnytaste cookbook.  


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

january 14, 2015

today was a long day.  hubby's company has moved into boston and although he's not technically in boston until tomorrow, he's been at a company training since monday which is keeping him at work late.  weary from several days on my own with the kiddos, which has had its highs and lows (one of which included me turning around from cooking dinner, while nursing the babe in the ergo, to see my darling son licking out an eggshell he retrieved from the bin!!!!!!), i'm putting my feet up, getting caught up on my dvr and enjoying a glass of two buck chuck!


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

january 13, 2015

although it feels like this furry little face has been causing me more stress than my two kiddos combined recently (nothing awful...just general, super frustrating mischievousness), i love the fact that when the house is quiet at night and everyone is in bed but me, he's right there snuggling next to me.  


Monday, January 12, 2015

january 12, 2015

dinnertime with this adorable two year old goof.  some days can be so hard when parenting a toddler, and then others are chock full of fun.  today was a fun day and i'm thankful for this project to be able to document these little moments of pure love and silliness :)  


Sunday, January 11, 2015

january 11, 2015

today was a special day.  our precious lydia ruth was christened at church this morning.  it was a lovely service, although she definitely had something to say about her immersion baptism in the form of some rather loud screams!  lydia is blessed to have two wonderful newly minted godparents, sarah and nathan, and we couldn't be happier for these people to be guiding and helping her as she grows up in the church.  she was also lucky to have her grandparents and nana, her uncle matthew and aunt olivia and the whole draper family there to support her on this special day.  below is one of many pictures i took today and after looking through them all, it's one of my favorites.  lydia is fast becoming a daddy's girl and although hubby won't admit it, she has him wrapped around her little finger as tight as ever :)


Saturday, January 10, 2015

january 10, 2015

nothing like some beautiful tulip blooms from good old trader joes to brighten up a house in wintertime.  loving the bright sunshine streaming through the windows this morning and happy, pink tulips on my kitchen table.


Friday, January 9, 2015

january 9, 2015

the family is here!  grandma, grandpa, uncle matthew and aunt olivia are here for the weekend to celebrate lydia's christening on sunday.  story time ensued earlier this afternoon, not long after returning from the airport :)


Thursday, January 8, 2015

january 8, 2015

getting this one in under the wire...11:59pm :)

hubby was on vacation today and took a little time out of his day to get some things done around the house for me...he's the best!  one thing i've been wanting for a while is a few coat hooks in our entry way, as we are short on floor space for a coat rack or similar furniture.  hubby put up four double hooks on the back of our basement door (not pictured) and this adorable set of hooks placed lower down for the kiddos.  ian has been getting more and more independent when we go to leave getting his shoes and coat ready and then taking them off, and most times putting them away correctly, when we get home.  super excited to show him this new special spot just for his coats and bags!


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

january 7, 2015

our little girlie is starting to get interested in toys!  she has begun reaching for the toy bar on the swing seat and has even managed to move them from one side to another occasionally.  finally caught  her on camera happily playing this afternoon :)


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

january 6, 2015

today is epiphany day, as well as the day all our christmas decorations get carefully packed away until next december.  ian took a solid nap this afternoon and i was able to get everything packed away, returned to the basement and the tree out to the curb for pick up this weekend.  although the house always looks so empty once the decorations are gone, it was nice to get reorganized and set up the toy corner for ian and lydia.  i chose to leave the greens above the fireplace, as it's nice to have some freshness during the winter time and there is nothing particularly christmassy about them.  twiggy, our birch deer, will also be hanging around for winter until he too gets relegated to the basement! i'll give you three guesses who named him ;)

getting everything cleaned and organized feels like a great start for the new year :)


Monday, January 5, 2015

january 5, 2015

fluff mail came today!  i have a new found obsession with super cute cloth diaper prints and a major brand just released a musical diaper named louis, after louis armstrong, on boxing day.  since i currently have two in diapers, i got them one each **insert cheesy grin here**  it's could i not??  pretty, pretty fluff :)


Sunday, January 4, 2015

january 4, 2015

lazy sunday mornings are the best.  our church service doesn't begin until 11am, so when little man gets up around 7:30am, we have plenty of playtime before we need to get ready.  this morning the alphabet puzzle came out and i was surprised to see how quickly he fit all the letters in having only received this for christmas.  he then proceeded to correctly identify 'z' and 'k'.  thinking we were on a roll, i asked him another one and was emphatically told it was 'k', as were the next six that i asked him about haha!  not sure we are quite onto recognizing the correct letter, but he definitely knows their shapes and where they fit on the board.  so much fun to watch him learning.  they really are little sponges at this age.


Saturday, January 3, 2015

january 3, 2015

unexpected snow that fell silently while we were having dinner with friends.  this photo was taken at 9:30pm and it was eerily light outside.  normally looking out my front door at night, you can barely see anything due to the darkness.  this evening however, we could see all the way to the back of our garden and over into our neighbors property!


Friday, January 2, 2015

january 2, 2015

we babysat our goddaughter and her baby sister this evening so their parents could have a dinner out together to celebrate their anniversary.  four under problem!  lydia was napping in the swing during picture taking, hence her absence from the frame :)


Thursday, January 1, 2015

project 365 : 2015

during the year of 2011, i did a project 365 using my new (at the time) dslr camera, in conjunction with my phone.  i thoroughly enjoyed the experience and still enjoy looking back through the pictures.  it's amazing how much i can remember about each specific day just by looking at the one picture.

i began a project 365 in 2012 vowing to use only my camera, in the hopes of improving my photography skills.  by the end of january i was pregnant with ian and sleeping more than rip van winkle!  the project fell by the wayside and my focus turned to becoming a mother.

now three years later, i'm a mother of two and itching to get back to my photography.  my camera comes out to document big occasions, but never just for the sake of enjoying taking a picture.

i'm hereby beginning a new project 365 for 2015 using only my camera and posting one single everyday photograph every day.  all of my pictures will be shot in assisted manual or manual mode only.  i'm really excited to know my camera will be out daily and hope to capture plenty of "everyday" items and moments :)

i hope you will follow along for the year!


Sunday, December 28, 2014

lydia at two months

december 19, 2014

13lbs 3oz
24" long
16" head

two months old and the word that comes first to my mind is smiles!  this girl has the most gorgeous smile and since she has been such a happy baby so far, we see it all the time.  she'll smile on demand for the camera, she flirts with her daddy all the time and even smiles at her long distance family over facetime!  she greets me with a huge grin in the morning when i go to get her from her bassinet and it's seriously the best way to start the day...that along with snuggles with big brother in bed while nursing her!

lydia is growing really well and her pediatrician was most impressed with her stats and development at her two month check up.  she is 94 percentile for both height and weight and is all around super healthy and happy.  we are so grateful that we have another thriving child!  lydia did surprise us all by rolling over several times on one day just before thanksgiving (front to back) but it appears to have been a fluke as it hasn't happened again!  she has found her own hands and plays with her fingers or chews on her fist constantly.  she has also started reaching for the toy bar on her swing seat.

lydia's little personality is starting to show and she is one funny baby!  she's laughing and giggling at ian or when we tickle her and her big grins are just the best.  we've also discovered she has one smile dimple on her left cheek, just like her mummy :)  i think the biggest change in the last month is her communication development.  she will seriously have a varied pitch cooing conversation with you for a good five minutes.  i wish to goodness i knew what she was telling me, but all i know is it must be good stuff, as she gets so into her little stories!  my absolute favorite is watching her chat with her daddy...sooooo sweet.

lydia is, knock on wood, still sleeping like a dream! most nights she sleeps soundly from 9pm-ish to 7am-ish with a dream feed around 1am.  i was slightly worried she wasn't getting enough overnight and debated about waking her more to eat, however i could tell she was growing and she never seemed hungry.  my fears were put to rest when we saw her pedi and found out she had gained over two pounds in a month haha!  no worries there, so for now, i'm enjoying my new found sleeping hours.

love you, baby girlie.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

lydia at one month

november 19, 2014
{over a month late...poor girl...}

22.25" long
15" head

dearest lydia is such a wonderful baby.  she has made the transition "easy" and while life is definitely more stressful with the addition of a second child, she is not making difficult at all.  she has a very easy going personality so far and is content to just hang out and watch the goings on.  and when you've got a hyperactive big brother there's a lot going!

lydia is doing fantastically with nursing and i couldn't be happier.  i was really hoping we wouldn't have to deal with the issues i had with ian and fortunately she is a champ.  from day one she has nursed successfully and efficiently.  she is much faster than ian was and she doesn't care to comfort suck at all.  she's all about the business and then just snuggles down to cuddle :)  she is sleeping brilliantly at the moment and i'm enjoying the longer stretches at night.  i know this will most likely change as she gets older, but i'll take it for now.  she also isn't fussy about where she sleeps...swing, car seat, baby carrier, mummy's arms...and due to her noisy big brother playing two feet from her naptime spot, she doesn't appear bothered by loud sounds or bright lights.

as you might be able to tell from her pictures, she has been suffering from newborn acne for a couple of weeks now.  i feel badly that her skin is all rough and broken out, but her hormones just need to regulate on their own to sort it out.  it will hopefully clear up by the time she is a couple months old, but right now it's at its worse.  

lydia started smiling around five days old.  i have both my mum and mother-in-law who will corroborate these were actual smiles in response to me...not just a gassy, sleepy smile.  i lovelovelove her dopey, gummy grins and my heart just sings...especially when she smiles at her brother, too.

one thing i don't want to forget about this first month is how noisy a sleeper she is.   no joke, she grunts, groans, giggles, snores, smacks her lips, etc.  gregg and i stared in awe one night as she went about making as much noise as her brother during waking hours, all while fast asleep in her swaddle!  one would assume baby had woken up if hearing all these noises, but no, she's fast asleep every time.  i keep meaning to try and catch it on video, but it hasn't happened yet.  she really is just loud in general haha...her burps could rival a large man after a full english breakfast.  so unladylike!

i will end by saying in comparison to a toddler, a newborn seems like a breeze!  i know we are lucky that lydia is healthy, happy, sleeping and eating well and generally chill, but man...toddlers are so much harder lol!  i'm definitely enjoying this newborn phase again.  i've missed those squishy baby snuggles and the heavenly newborn smell.

love you, baby girlie.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

welcome lydia ruth!

lydia ruth has arrived!

this darling beauty was born after a smooth delivery on sunday october 19, 2014 weighing in at 8lbs, 11oz and 20 1/4" long.  

we are overjoyed to have her here and are falling more in love every day.  big brother ian is already doting on her bringing her toys and blankets and asking to hold "ian's lydia".  my heart is melting to see their brother-sister relationship beginning already.

thank you all for your well wishes over the past few weeks as we have been adjusting to life as a family of four.  the days are slowly returning to the new "normal" and hopefully the blog will see some more posts as i get back to writing again.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

40 weeks, baby no. 2

we made it!

due date day has arrived (and is actually about to leave...haha!)

i was fairly confident that i would make it to my due date, given lack of any labor signs and that i made it there with ian as well (although with his induction, he was actually born on his due date!).  i am fully in support of making sure babies stay in the womb as long as they need, i.e. a full 40 weeks, however now i'm here, i'm sooooooo ready to have this baby!  

this morning ian and i headed out to baby boot camp, as per our normal wednesday routine.  the weather today was really weird and we had a mini heat wave.  86 degrees for the high and wicked humid!  i thought we were done with summer!!!  well, even in the unexpected heat, i worked out hard with the hope of making this baby possibly thinking about coming out soon, but not even one braxton-hicks contraction haha.  now my quads are just really  once we were done there, we visited hubby at work (who brought down gourmet donuts from his morning meeting...way to a nine month pregnant woman's heart!) and headed home for a shower (for me) and a nap (for ian).  the afternoon saw us at my 40 week appointment, where my midwife assured me i will go into labor and that currently everything looks great.  i have appointments booked for next week, should i still be pregnant in eight days...ugh.  we ran a few errands this afternoon and came home to spend some time with hubby before dinner and bed.  the evening was spent with a lovely friend who came to keep me company since i'm not in labor yet!  all in all, a completely normal day.  i feel absolutely fine.  october 15th has been in my head as our end game for nine months now and it's slightly weird that it has come and gone without significance.  guess baby h2 has decided that the 15th was not the day to be born after all ;)

i have no comparison blog post this week, as i was in hospital delivering ian at 40 one wants to see pictures of that hahaha!  from here on out we are in uncharted territory.  we will just have to wait and see when baby decides to come!

dear little one,

not a fan of october 15th, hey?  that's ok.  i don't mind, just as long as you aren't aiming for october 29th ;)  we had an uneventful, albeit hot, day today full of normal occurrences, errands and the like.  i keep waiting to have that feeling of "this is it", but so far you seem comfy and cozy in there.  this past weekend, your auntie becca had her baby...sweet vivian lynn...and i got a lovely reminder of those blessed newborn snuggles.  my arms are itching to hold you, even more than before!

your big brother, having been to the hospital to meet vivian, is now going around saying "mummy hospital baby soon".  he is definitely getting it, although who knows what he will actually think when you are out here with us 24/7!  

i hope you are staying strong and healthy and will decide you are strong enough to be born soon.  i just hope it won't be too much longer...who knows how much weight you are gaining in these last few days!  the midwife today estimated you are around eight pounds right now and i sure hope she's close.  we love you, baby...come meet us soon!

love, mummy