Tuesday, January 26, 2016

33 weeks, baby no. 3

another week gone!
33 weeks today :)

this week saw successful results from the overnight medication for the gestational diabetes, but unfortunately now puts me on the list for weekly nst's (non-stress test).  i'm off for my first one tomorrow night.  all other mother and baby stats were great from today's maternity appointment, for which i am very thankful.

with adding a third child to the family, we've had to think about what to do with vehicles.  we currently own my rogue outright and are leasing hubby's altima.  we would prefer to upgrade to a minivan and were hoping to at the beginning of the new year.  sadly, breaking a lease is harder and more expensive than we expected, so we've decided to make do with the cars we have for now, until hubby's lease is up this fall.  once we are free from the lease, we will be able to purchase the minivan we would like, but until then we needed to figure out what arrangement of seating was going to work.  in order to decide whether we needed to look for a new (smaller footprint) car seat, hubby dragged the infant seat out of the basement and worked on configuring things.  the three seats (two convertibles and one infant) fit perfectly across the back of my rogue and ian is most impressed that we have finally got the baby a seat in the car...he's been asking me for weeks where the baby will be sitting in the car haha!  it seems most surreal to have the infant base back there (the car seat won't go in just yet, as it makes it trickier for ian to get in and out).  i can't believe in just a few short weeks, there will be three children back there!!!

dear munchkin,

we are on this crazy journey together, you and i.  turns out you'll be getting some extra monitoring over the next few weeks to make sure my body is taking good care of you.  we'll even get a sneak peek at you again in a few weeks time.  we only had the normal twelve and eighteen week ultrasounds with your big brother and sister, so it will be quite interesting to see a fully formed baby on the screen instead of the early alien-like blob!  i will definitely have to make sure to remind the technician that we don't know yet if you are a boy or a girl!

fortunately you are not keeping me up too much at night yet, although your big sister has been doing a good job of that this past week with all her teething, poor girlie.  sleeping is getting a tad uncomfortable, but i'm loving my pregnancy pillow.  your daddy complains about it taking up space in the bed, but when i go up to bed after my evening snack, he's usually cuddling it...haha!

we have pretty much decided on your name, one for boy and one for girl, but will be keeping them secret until we know who you will be.  i love both choices and can't wait to find out who we will be adding to our family list!  

stay safe and healthy, little one.  i'm doing my best to make sure you are being taken care of in every way possible.  

love, mummy

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

31 and 32 weeks, baby no. 3

the past couple weeks have flown by and although i did take pictures each week, the blog posts failed to happen!  thus, here's two weeks combined :)

31 weeks found us meeting back with my midwife and nutritionist to discuss the first two weeks of my gestational diabetes results.  my day blood sugar levels are perfect...well underneath where they should be two hours after i eat and of no worry at the moment.  i'm glad to have been able to eat very sparing amounts of treat type foods, a little chocolate or ice cream here and there, without it spiking my levels.  unfortunately my fasting, or overnight, number has refused to come down below where it is required, despite trying everything i can.  they are giving me until 32 weeks to get it down or else medication will be required.  i'm really not happy about the situation, but i have no control over it...silly placenta is doing its own thing.

baby has been getting more and more active over the past week or so and sometimes i'm left wondering what on earth he or she is doing in there!  hiccups are a very common feeling now...they were with both ian and lydia, as well.  

32 weeks found my overnight numbers not doing any better and, although they are not sky high, they remain a few points higher than my midwife would prefer.  i have been prescribed a medication to take overnight which should keep my sugar levels at bay and allow me to continue along with the rest of the pregnancy as normal.  i'm not thrilled to be taking a long term medication while pregnant (i never even so much as sniffed a tylenol with either of the others) and it makes me nervous wondering about possible side effects.  although i'm not happy about it, i do think it is the best alternative for now and will hopefully allow baby to stay put until full term and give me the best shot at a natural labor and delivery.  

this past weekend, we took a spontaneous trip up to maine to visit my in-laws and also so hubby and i could take advantage of nana's wonderful childcare and escape for an overnight babymoon!  it was such a wonderful weekend.  after a day or so with the family, hubby and i drove south and headed to freeport, maine.  we perused outlet shops and ate lunch without once thinking about hurrying to get the check or digging to see if we brought more toys to occupy little people!  it was surreal to say the least.  after finishing up in freeport, we continued a little further to our final destination of portland.  we thoroughly enjoyed walking down to the wharf, popping in and out of eclectic little stores, eating in one off pubs and diners and generally having a blast together.  it was so great to have time to reconnect as a couple.  check out my instagram for more details on where we stayed and visited.

it seems crazy that we are already at 32 weeks with this little munchkin!  i can say nesting is in full swing, although slightly hindered by a lack of energy.  i just want everything decluttered, organized and cleaned.  ian and i put the baby swing back up in the living room for the kiddos to get used to having around again and i'm looking for a baby doll and big sister book for lydia.  i am planning on getting a slightly different one for ian now he's older and already used to being a big brother, but i'm not as worried about him with the transition this time around.  i'm hoping lydia will be a tad easier as she's also used to being a sibling already, even if she's currently our baby :)  i'll gladly take any advice on adding a third to the family and/or having siblings close in age!  

dear munchkin,

we've had a couple of busy weeks, baby dear.  lots of doctor's appointments, baby boot camp classes and most recently our travels to maine.  it's been a lot of fun, but you are also making it quite tiring for mummy!  i hope you are able to be resting and growing strong while i'm bustling about everywhere.

i love feeling you twist, turn and kick in my tummy and i know how much i will miss those movements in a couple months time.  for now i'm savoring every last kick, even the ones when your foot kicks my rib cage and makes me say ouch!  

i'm sorry that mummy has to be taking medication to help keep you safe this time around, but i'm praying it will help you to stay healthy and not cause you any problems, little one.  it's the hardest decision for me to make as a parent when none of the options presented are ones i would choose.  just know that right from the very beginning of your being, i am trying to make the best choices for you and i always will.

we love you so much, munchkin.  stay safe and happy. 

love, mummy

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

30 weeks, baby no. 3

the bump is back again :)

apologies for the workout clothes...had just returned from boot camp and figured getting pictures is more important at this point than waiting for when i'm in that perfectly cute outfit haha!

unfortunately morning sickness, exhaustion, computer viruses and subsequent dead computer and most recently the holidays have delayed my bump updates for our next little munchkin.  i remember struggling to keep up with lydia's bump updates when it was just ian, but this is even harder.  poor third child!

this pregnancy has been fairly normal, until recent weeks.  everything early was as expected and any minor testing that we did (blood screens and such) came back with no signs of worry.  my morning sickness was the worse of all three (none with ian, some nausea with lydia) and it was not all that pleasant.  fortunately around 18 weeks or so, the 24/7 nausea stopped and i felt more like a functioning human again haha.  i was really hoping that i would regain my energy in the second trimester as i did with my other two pregnancies, but alas, i think that being pregnant with two under three means lower energy levels throughout regardless of what trimester.

unfortunately i received news on christmas eve that i had failed my one hour glucose test, which looks for the presence of too much sugar in your system and the possibility of a gestational diabetes diagnosis.  my midwife allowed me to celebrate christmas weekend without making me come in for the three hour test on christmas day (thank you!!), but bright and early on december 28th, i spent just shy of four hours at the hospital being poked and prodded every hour after downing an even more disgusting sugar drink than before.  through my office, no news is good news, so by the afternoon i was becoming more optimistic that i had passed, only to receive a phone call mid afternoon informing me otherwise.  i was disappointed, frustrated, upset, guilt ridden and an overall mess regarding my new diagnosis.  after calls and texts to my dear hubby and several supportive friends, i got my act together and made appointments to see a dietitian and diabetic counselor at the local diabetic care center.  for someone who spends rarely any time in hospitals or doctor's offices, this week was turning into a doozy.  three more hours of apppointments to learn about my diagnosis, how to control it and how to check my sugar levels left my head spinning.

we are now just over one week into this journey and it is interesting/frustrating/time consuming/dare-i-say-improving?  my first issue was to understand that nothing i did caused this diagnosis.  i've been working out again through this pregnancy through my baby boot camp classes, ran until the fall when it started to get colder and pushing 100lbs of stroller and kids was getting a little much and attempting to make as many healthy choices as possible (within the realms of pregnancy induced cravings of not so healthy items...cough cough *french fries* cough cough).  although i was only 8 months post partum from lydia, i was back to my pre-pregnancy weight and even ran a half marathon two weeks before getting pregnant.  in my head, i felt like the furthest person from a diabetic diagnosis, but that's just it.  gestational diabetes can affect anyone.  there are obviously higher risks if you have a family history of diabetes, are considered overweight before becoming pregnant, etc. but my midwife said half her size zero, workout-a-holic friends had gd as well.  it's more to do with how the hormones and placenta are working in your body and helping or not helping to deliver healthy sugar amounts to your baby.  i still feel guilty off and on, but it's lessening and i'm happy to report my diagnosis seems borderline and hopefully can remain diet and exercise controlled, eliminating a need for medication and possible complications later in the pregnancy.  it's taken the past week of trying different things (any kind of fry, even sweet potato, is off my menu for the next ten weeks...boo) but i'm finally starting to see numbers i'm happy with and hopefully that will please my midwife and nutritionist as well.

this is definitely going to make the next ten weeks rather interesting, but every finger poke and carb counted meal will be worth it when we meet our little baby!  

dear munchkin,

welcome to the blog, little baby.  sorry it's taken me so long to write to you, but at least we will have these last ten weeks!  we are so thrilled to be adding you to the family and can't wait to meet you soon.

when we told your big brother about you, he was so excited for another new baby.  he goes back and forth between thinking you are a boy or a girl, but at least this is an improvement on dinosaurs and trucks from when i was pregnant with your sister!  lydia is currently none the wiser about your impending arrival and i expect it will most likely stay that way given her younger age.  i'm excited (and very nervous) about having two little ones only seventeen months apart, but i hope you will have a close bond.  

i can't say i'm thrilled that you are the cause of some recent changes to my diet, but it's definitely for the best for both of us.  i'll continue to do my best to make sure you stay as healthy as can be in there.   since being diagnosed, i've noticed that mothers with gd refer to their little ones in the womb as their "sugar babies", so i guess that makes you my sugar baby :) 

we love you so much already, munchkin.

love, mummy

Saturday, January 2, 2016

happy new year!

happy new year, everyone!

i'm finally able to resurrect this old blog of mine and i'm excited to be back!  a little back story before moving on...

we took a trip out to see my family in july and i did keep up with my daily photo taking, however wasn't able to blog as i hadn't brought my computer with me.  once back, life kind of got in the way (more on that in a minute) and then my computer died.  without a really easy way to upload my pics, project 365 fell by the wayside and although i could have blogged from my ipad, it just seemed like a lot of work lol.  although i'm mad to have only made it six months through 2015, the break from blogging was welcome, but now i'm ready to get back to it.

so here's a quick recap of 2015, picking up where we left off.

the beginning of july found us making a surprising discovery...i was pregnant again!  we were quite taken aback by the news, but so incredibly thrilled to be adding one more little one to our family.  we didn't tell ian right away, but once we did, he too was most excited for another new baby!  we took a fairly lengthy trip to ohio to visit family while hubby was traveling for business.  i drove the kids, my now pregnant self and the dog from massachusetts to ohio and i have to say i was impressed at our family traveling skills.  i had not one tear from either kiddo and we managed food stops, gas stops, pee breaks (ian's first road trip since potty training), etc. with relative ease.  hubby flew out after his business trip and spent the rest of that week with us and my family, before we all drove home again.  the trip home was not as easy as going out, but we managed :)

august and september were kind of a blur.  i was still adjusting to being pregnant again and was unfortunately experiencing my worst morning sickness of my three pregnancies.  i shouldn't even begin to complain, having a friend who suffers from awful hyperemesis gravidarum with her pregnancies, but feeling nauseous 24/7 and throwing up occasionally is still not pleasant, especially with two other little ones to care for.  we still managed to make the most of trips to the beach, playing at the park and helping daddy mow the lawn :)  

october saw us celebrating ian's third birthday with a trip to the topsfield fair. it was a really lovely day and fun to see ian get excited about his birthday and new number status.  we also celebrated lydia's first birthday with a "twinkle twinkle little star" theme.  friends and family came over to help her celebrate and we had a fun party.  hubby took off for another two week business trip on halloween, while i took a knight and strawberry for a short trick or treating evening!

november was exhausting with hubby gone for two weeks, but we were lucky enough to have my sister visit us for five days.  it was fun to have auntie hannah here and have some time to hang out and show her around the north shore.  once hubby was home, we had about a week or so before thanksgiving.  my mother-in-law invited us to visit for the whole week this year, so we duly packed up and the kids and i were chauffeured up to maine.  unfortunately hubby had to keep working the first half of the week, so he drove our car up later.  we had a blast visiting with my in-laws and ian and lydia thoroughly enjoyed their cousins company.  it was heartwarming to see them, especially ian, forging such great friendships with their older cousins.  thanksgiving day was a lovely celebration and reminded me how blessed i am to be living this life.

finally december arrived, although not feeling at all like december!  we had many days in the 50s-60s and christmas eve reached the 70s!!!  regardless of the crazy weather, we enjoyed every day and advent flew past.  ian loved his homemade advent calendar once again and i loved coming up with fun and faith-based activities for him to do.  we also made huge strides with ian, as he suddenly requested to attend catechesis, our church's in-service sunday school program.  it started back in september and we knew he wasn't ready to attend without one of us there.  at the beginning of the month however, he asked about it of his own volition, so we met with the level one instructor who agreed he seemed ready.  the final piece of the puzzle was whether or not he could attend without me there with him.  i was blown away on his first sunday, as he happily skipped up the ramp to the atrium and only turned about to ask me to help with his shoes!  i couldn't believe it and honestly couldn't have been happier to see him spreading his wings a bit.  he's been enjoying it so much and looks forward to going back each week.  

december also brought my 30th birthday.  it was not quite how i imagined it might have been when i was a little girl (but is anything haha?!), but even largely pregnant and overwhelmed with life, i had a spectacular day.  hubby and the kiddos surprised me with a new laptop...which is enabling me to get back to blogging!  we then got ready to go out for breakfast, which ended up being a surprise brunch hosted by one of my best friends.  i had no idea she was planning such a surprise and was elated to see so many lovely people come to celebrate with me.  this year has felt slightly isolating as a stay at home mother (another blog post for another day) and i couldn't believe these wonderfully kind people would want to take their saturday morning to come to my party.  the rest of the day was low key and ended with a take out feast of enormous proportions.  yum!

christmas was quiet and spent at home just the four of us.  we did head over to have dinner with some good friends of ours and overall the day was lovely.  although we have spent a lot of time explaining to ian that christmas is not all about receiving presents, i don't ever want to forget his little three year old reaction when he came down on christmas morning.  he stood in the middle of the living room, put his hands on his head and exclaimed gleefully, "there's presents here, mummy!!"  then he promptly fell over on his back in amazement!  such innocent sweetness, i will remember that moment forever.  

and that brings us to the present!  a brand new year.  hubby and i managed to keep our old bones awake until midnight and rang in 2016 with a kiss.  i am looking forward to what this year will bring, most of all meeting our newest little one and figuring out life as a family of five!  i feel badly that this little one hasn't had regular "bump updates" so beginning with 30 weeks this tuesday, i'll write along for the last ten weeks.  i'm hoping to get some ian and lydia updates on here as well!

happy new year to you all!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

june 24, 2015

it's been a hot week here, so i broke out the paddling pool again this afternoon for the kiddos.  neither of them are terribly afraid of the water/splashing/etc. which makes for a great time and fun pics.  here's little miss cheesy grin splashing to her heart's content.  between this happy girl and some great mid-air jumps from ian, it was tricky to pick just one photo for today :)  glad that we will have these memories to look back on when the kids are grown!!


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

june 23, 2015

this afternoon i watched my goddaughter and her sister at our house while their mum taught violin lessons.  we then had the whole family join us for dinner, although unfortunately hubby got caught up with yet another appliance delivery disaster...another story for another day.  i whipped up two quiches (vegetarian and non-veggie required).  one spinach and one bacon-cheddar.  i was lucky enough to have these two helpers in the kitchen today.  ian was sweet to think to get nell a chair to stand on and they swapped turns stirring back and forth.  at least it kept them still and occupied for five minutes ;)


Monday, June 22, 2015

june 22, 2015

i've always done the same smoothie recipe for years on end.  oj, yoghurt, banana, spinach and a mix-in of whatever fresh or frozen fruit i have on hand.  now that i've had the vitamix for a month, i decided i was ready to branch out and try some actual smoothie recipes.  cue the blueberry banana smoothie.  first off, i loooooove the color.  because of adding spinach to my smoothies, i'm used to a brownish/green hue, so this gorgeous purple really appealed to me :)  the recipe called for soy milk, which we do not use, so i substituted unsweetened almond milk.  it was full of flavor and was a great mid-afternoon pick me up!


Sunday, June 21, 2015

june 21, 2015

happy father's day to all the dads out there!  we celebrated with a more relaxed day at home today, after the busyness of hubby's birthday yesterday.  i snapped this quick pic of daddy doing bedtime snuggles.  i just lovelovelove everything in this pic.  from the look of contentment on hubby's face, to ian snuggling tight and lydia holding his hand behind hubby's neck.  ahhh...there is nothing more attractive than a man who does fatherhood well.  i love this man!


Saturday, June 20, 2015

june 20, 2015

today's was hubby's birthday and we spent the day at the museum (or 'zeeum' as ian kept calling it) of science in boston.  hubby's mum was able to join us and we had a blast looking around.  the place is huge and there's something for everyone.  it was hard to tell who had more fun...ian or hubby :)  one of their favorite exhibits was the dinosaur section.  here they are pictured with cliff, an almost complete triceratops.  he's been on loan to the museum for quite a while, but is slated to head home soon.  the museum is attempting to raise enough money to buy cliff and keep him in boston.  we contributed to the fund by purchasing a cliff stuffie for ian and a hatch-your-own dino egg.  

the rest of the day was just as fun...the usual birthday antics...presents, singing, cake, yummy dinner.  it was fun to see ian really get into celebrating daddy for the day.  very cute :)


Friday, June 19, 2015

june 19, 2015

somebody is eight months old today and someone else is 29 and a half and staring down the barrel of 30!  i'll give you three guesses who is pictured below... ;)


Thursday, June 18, 2015

june 18, 2015

earlier today we had our very own "green monstah" in the house.  eat your hearts out, red sox...ours is much, much cuter ;)


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

june 17, 2015

yesterday i ran the annual louise rosetti 5k for the third time.  it was a personal best time for me and a top fifty finish!  i felt really good and boy, does three miles fly when you've just finished training for a half marathon haha!  i'm really blessed to have the best cheering section, two of whom are pictured below.  the picture was taken before hubby arrived (he raced through traffic to make it in time) and while ian was devouring his dinner, but i love my family and their full support for my running.  the finish line never looks better than when i see them cheering me on :)


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

...and we're back!

after an insane few weeks of hubby traveling, no computer due to a virus, a printer that decided to go crazy and print out one character per page and a full sd card, this blog has sadly been left in the dust.  i almost decided to give up on this year's project 365, but having taken all the pictures, i am determined to find the time to upload them.  there may not be as much written info with each pic and i may have to borrow from my iphone during the time my sd card was full with no place to download the pictures to, but i will start backdating immediately!

hang on for the ride :)

june 16, 2015

today was our first csa share pick up.  we got some yummy veggies from the farmstand and then headed out into the field to pick strawberries.  ian was most impressed with being able to and pick them himself and he proudly carried his strawberries all the way back to the car.  i'm excited to use our share in our meals this week.  looking forward to getting back to farm fresh eating over the summer.


Monday, June 15, 2015

june 15, 2015

so after a mix up in the results on race day, i came to find out i actually won third place in my age group for the mile portion of the twin lobster from last sunday.  the event coordinators were kind enough to mail my award to me, which arrived this afternoon.  pretty excited to receive the certificate below, along with a couple other sponsor prizes.  


Sunday, June 14, 2015

june 14, 2015

today we headed up to crane beach for the afternoon once the kids were up from their naps.  this was lydia's first time actually going in the ocean (well, little tide pools as the tide was all the way out).  she splashed around for a good while until she started to get cold.  love this aerial view of her :)


Saturday, June 13, 2015

june 13, 2015

this goof fell asleep hanging on to her car seat handle.


Friday, June 12, 2015

june 12, 2015

well, she may not be crawling yet, but lydia has decided she wants to stand!  she hasn't got herself all the way up, but she got up onto one knee today, and as evidenced by her cheshire cat grin in the picture below, she was rather pleased with herself.  lol.


Thursday, June 11, 2015

june 11, 2015

last day of t-ball practice today.  my little athlete has definitely learned something about the game and overall enjoyed the six sessions with his coaches.  it was fun to get him into something that allows him to run and burn energy.  i sometimes wonder if i gave birth to the energizer bunny!


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

june 10, 2015

we had our lovely little friend ellie to stay with us for the day today.  three kids really wasn't too much more than my usual two and it was fun to have them all eating lunch together :)


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

june 9, 2015

my family is in town visiting and we took a trip down to ikea.  unfortunately we were a bit longer than planned and the boy crashed in my arms in the last aisles of the marketplace.  i don't get many still snuggles from him these days, so as heavy as he was, i relished the moment.  especially right as he nodded off and he sleepily murmured, "i love you, mummy".  


Monday, June 8, 2015

june 8, 2015

"who's that baby in there?"


Sunday, June 7, 2015

june 7, 2015

i ran the twin lobster race today in gloucester.  my first half marathon, preceded by a mile race.  the views were breathtaking along the course and i had to snap a couple pics while on my walk intervals. absolutely gorgeous and i can't believe i get to run in such a beautiful area of the country.


Saturday, June 6, 2015

june 6, 2015

just chilling on a saturday afternoon.


Friday, June 5, 2015

june 5, 2015

we have several house guests coming this weekend and i've been working on getting each room organized for their arrival.  my younger sister will be using lydia's room while they are staying here and i'm really glad it gave me the impetus to go through and organize the nursery.  i love how bright and cheery it looks.  i'm also loving the purple accents i decided to add to the nursery set from when ian had it to make it a bit more girlie...doesn't hurt that purple is my favorite colo ;)  


Thursday, June 4, 2015

june 4, 2015

got a wicked deal on a solid wood train table today.  and i'm patting myself on the back for getting it on the roof racks, driven home and reassembled in the house all by myself.  hubby's umpteenth week of business trips = mama figures out how to do it on her own.  #momstrong


Wednesday, June 3, 2015

june 3, 2015

this girlie is always so happy.  we are a lucky family to have her as our baby.  swinging brings out some of her best giggles :)


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

june 2, 2015

tuesday afternoon babysitting duties.  these two spent half an hour conversing in baby babble through the pack-n-play side.  


Monday, June 1, 2015

june 1, 2015

monday morning music class at the library.  he doesn't look it, but he does actually enjoy himself!


Sunday, May 31, 2015

may 31, 2015

this girlie is starting to think about crawling!  she's spending more and more time in the position below, wiggling back and forth, but no forward motion yet.  i'm sure it won't be too much longer, although i'm quite happy to have it be a while yet.  not ready to be fully chasing two!!


Saturday, May 30, 2015

may 30, 2015

sporting flamingos for her aunt.  and maybe a cheeky smile :)