Wednesday, February 18, 2015

february 18, 2015

ian appeared in the kitchen this afternoon dressed in an oversized tee-shirt, belt and shower cap accompanied by his aunt olivia.  "mummy, i'm being a chef.  a chef, mummy!"  it was adorably cute and he was having a blast making pretend dinners.  then it was announced that grandma needed some potatoes scrubbing for dinner and this little chef stepped up to the plate.  they were pre-scrubbed by aunt olivia and spot checked by ian :)  we've been here less than 24 hours and he's had so much fun already.  he's a lucky, lucky boy to have such a loving family.


Monday, February 16, 2015

february 16, 2015

who is this child and what have you done with my baby?  today little miss went in a jumperoo for the first time.  i can't believe she's almost four months old and starting to think about jumping, sitting, rolling, etc.  she is such a happy baby and after being fairly serious when we first put her in, she warmed up quickly and was squealing with delight :)


Sunday, February 15, 2015

february 15, 2015

surprise, surprise...another snow day.  it's starting to feel like that good old groundhog day movie around here lol.  church was cancelled, so we hunkered down for the morning and had some more indoor snow fun.  hubby wasn't around when we did ian's last indoor snow bucket, so we set him up with another one at the kitchen table.  he played happily with his trucks and scoops for quite a while and then said he was done.  i was two minutes from being done folding a basket of laundry, so seeing if i could grab a couple more, said "do you think you could build mummy a mini snowman?"  he says, "yeah!"  two seconds later he calls me over and here's what i see!  i was blown away that he built one so quickly and how accurately he did it :)  i have a cute pic of him pointing with both hands and while saying, "i built a snoooooooooooowmaaaaaaaaaan!", but the one below shows the snowman more clearly and i love his little fingers.


Saturday, February 14, 2015

february 14, 2015

what's a valentine's project 365 post without a rose shot?  thanks to hubby for providing my subject :)


Friday, February 13, 2015

february 13, 2015

we spent a lovely dinner with friends of ours on the other side of town and while we were enjoying dessert, miss lydia decided she needed an early evening nap!  thus at 9pm tonight when she would normally be in bed for the night, she's up chatting with hubby and i and giggling her adorable little head off.  i'm not fussed though...these evening times when it's just us and her are really special.  we love having ian around and watching them interact as brother and sister, but there's also that need for enjoying just her as a baby, as we did with ian two years ago.  after some lovely snuggles and fun, i popped her in her swing so i could make myself some tea.  she started yawning right away and has since nodded off to dreamland.  now for tea and the project runway all stars finale, then bed for me as well!


Thursday, February 12, 2015

february 12, 2015

no panini press, no problem ;)  just grab a cookie sheet and pile the rest of your pans on top haha!  the result was some lovely yummy turkey paninis with roasted red peppers, avocado and spinach.  nom nom nom.


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

february 11, 2015

yummy green ice cubes of goodness.  a recent tip i learned for making smoothies...take your greens, blend them with a little water and ice cube them.  grab a few when you go to make your smoothie and hey presto! kale and spinach done.  this way you also don't end up with rotting greens in your fridge if you don't get to them fast enough.  easy peasy :)


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

february 10, 2015

today's molo challenge was to make a typical family recipe, but put a healthier twist on it.  we did tried two new things today...loaded baked potato soup (bulked out with cauliflower rather than all potatoes) and whole wheat banana bread.  they were both delicious, but i was amazed by how much i loved the banana bread.  my usual recipe, which i love, uses white flour, sugar and oil and i tend to add chocolate chips every now and again as well.  this new recipe replaces those with a mix of whole wheat flour and oats, honey and applesauce.  it is divine and will definitely become my new go to recipe.  little man helped me with the mixing and was pleased to enjoy a warm slice for his lunch today.  if you are interested in trying it for yourself, take a look at the recipe from monique at ambitious kitchen!


Monday, February 9, 2015

february 9, 2015

snowmageddon 2015 continues here in massachusetts.  i figured it was high time for a(nother) picture...hubby reluctantly agreed to trudge outside with me for perspective :)  we've almost lost sight of our downstairs windows and if you stand on the close to eight foot snow bank, you get a direct line of sight into our master bedroom!  it's still snowing from this weekend's storm and they've already announced another one with "significant" accumulation for friday.  i can only hope and pray that the winds change and it heads elsewhere!!


Sunday, February 8, 2015

february 8, 2015

as you may be able to tell from a few of my recent blog posts, snow is becoming an unfortunate recurring theme around here.  we are in the midst of a three day storm that will be bringing us another 14-20+".  yay.  so as we try to do...we make the most of it, which today included homemade hot cocoa after daddy was done working on our shower (leaks galore lol).  he and ian made it together and then sat down to enjoy.  it's funny to step back and watch the two of them together.  i love seeing my husband as a father and seeing the utter adoration on ian's face when they work and play together.  i'm glad i caught this sweet moment on camera...a hot chocolate selfie.  it'll be a winter to remember, this one, and hopefully for a ian, one full of fun winter memories!


Saturday, February 7, 2015

february 7, 2015

end of molo week one!  we focused on planks this week and boy were our workouts hard.  i've seen improvement in how i feel during the day thanks to eating better and getting regular exercise (five workouts in one week).  i ate nine different types of fruits and veggies equaling thirteen servings on thursday...a challenge day, but definitely helps me to see how much i should be eating regularly.  this week's meal plan is set and grocery shopping done (cool to see how my trolley was 2/3 fruit and veggies plus a little dairy and a little protein).  my molo journal is filling up and i'm looking forward to starting week two...glute bridges here we come!


Friday, February 6, 2015

february 6, 2015

tonight we had a much needed mums' night out (plus two little babes still requiring mamas to be nearby).  we are all dealing with raising two kiddos, not surprisingly it's the toddlers giving us a run for our money, and this week was a doozy!  colds, too much snow, below freezing temps, boundary pushing, inability to share, melodrama, lack of direction name it, once of us has got it!  i'm blessed to have these two lovely ladies with whom to share my parenting journey and it was highly therapeutic to debrief the week, realizing we aren't alone in how we are feeling when we want to hit the wall, but instead breath deeply and attempt to calmly explain something/anything/yourself to a whining toddler for the umpteeth time that day.  we enjoyed warm coffees, shared a bar of organic, pure ingredient chocolate (oh, whole foods, you had me at hello ;)  and reveled in a couple of hours to sit and catch up together.  

“friendship is born at that moment when one man says to another: "what! you too? i thought that no one but myself . . ."” ~ c.s. lewis


Thursday, February 5, 2015

february 5, 2015

laundry, laundry, laundry.  this was my evening.  organizing and folding the kid's laundry and diapers.  how can adding in one tiny human to a household increase the laundry situation tenfold!  at least i got it all folded and put away before a nosy toddler decided to check out what was at the bottom of one of those piles.  also a plus, being able to use our couch again for sitting on lol!


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

february 4, 2015

it may not be the tidiest or prettiest table, but we were excited to introduce our littlest family member to the dinner table this evening!  well, she's always there for dinner, either in her bouncy seat next to the table or on my lap wiggling around and leaving me only one hand with which to eat, but this was her first time in the highchair.  recently lydia has discovered that she can reach for things on the table.  she's still in the early stages, but i've had to wipe her fingers a couple times when she's swiped my lunch haha!  we didn't have the high chair when ian was this young (bought it just before we started solids with him), so i figured what's the harm?  it has a recline setting for younger ones, which is where we placed it today.  she loved it, watched ian the whole time and then, when she realized she was next to daddy, made gooey eyes at him the rest of the meal :)

and then there's the cheese monster in the bottom right of the frame!  what a goof, but a very loveable one at that :)


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

february 3, 2015

this morning we spent lydia's naptime tidying up and organizing little man's bedroom.  he's onto a new phase for his afternoon nap where he goes up to his room and plays by himself for a bit before settling down.  unfortunately this means there are toys everywhere!  we finally got everything put back where it should, dust bunnies vacuumed, furniture dusted and rearranged and the bed made.  see the rest of the pics here.  while i was taking said pictures he inched himself onto his bed...


little man's big boy room

this post has been a long time coming and today (thanks to project 365) i had my camera out and his room! 

earlier this summer, once we had settled in the new house, we got ian a big boy bed and took the crib out of his room in preparation for lydia's arrival.  he had already been throwing himself out of the crib for a few weeks and it really was time (baby or no baby) to get him into a safer situation.  we wanted a fun bed for him, without getting one of those shaped toddler beds.  we saw the kura bed at ikea and knew it was just what we needed.  right now it's a low twin with a fun canopy.  once he reaches an appropriate age, we can flip it upside down and it becomes a lofted bunk with a cute play area underneath. 

a few weeks later, hubby was on a trip to ireland and ian and i took a trip to ikea again.  we found him the poang chair (to replace the glider that i put in the nursery), the trofast bucket shelves pictured above and a mini dresser for his clothes.  i proudly built all of these ikea pieces at 35 weeks pregnant...all by myself ;)

without really planning it too much, the color scheme of blue, red and green came to be and everything just seemed to work out really well.  his bedspread is from ikea as well and couldn't have been more perfect for him.  it is covered with diggers, cars, dump trucks, bicycles and motorbikes all in a rainbow of colors.  

ian had a couple pieces of furniture from his room in our old house which we are able to continue using and he now has tons of storage and also easily accessible drawers for him to get to.  he is just starting to go to the correct drawer and grab fresh pjs or a new pair of socks, (very minimal at the moment), but as he grows this furniture will allow him to get out and put away his own clothes :)  

the rug was a brilliant find from, recommended to me by a friend.  i have a sweet spot in my heart for chevron and when this one flipped by on my laptop screen, i knew it would be perfect.  the color is crisp and vibrant and adds a great balance to the reds and greens elsewhere in the room.  

ian also has a window seat in his room..  thankfully it is exactly the same size as the ikea window seat pads, which made that decision super easy.  

overall, i'm so happy with the finished look.  i feel like it is fun, bright and cheery, without still looking like a nursery.  little man seems to like it too...he spends a lot of time playing up there during the day :)

Monday, February 2, 2015

february 2, 2015

this post should be titled, "i'm moving to the caribbean".  we got dumped with another huge storm today.  it's been snowing since we woke up and we've got at least another 12+ inches....and it's still going!  my frustration mounted this afternoon after i spent an hour shoveling a four foot high snowbank from the front of our driveway (thanks plows), only to have the snow pick up as i was finishing and the plows put another three foot snowbank at the end of the driveway.  grrrrrr.  shoveling is also getting difficult as there is nowhere to put the snow and if you can find somewhere, it's five or six feet up on top of a previously stacked snowbank.  the one directly in front of our house must be close, if not past, seven feet!  and the kicker...another storm potentially for thursday this week.  nooooooo...


Sunday, February 1, 2015

february 1, 2015

superbowl sunday!

this was the first time we've let ian sit down and really watch a game.  hubby made some yummy foods and we let him have a picnic in the living room to watch "the special football game" as he deemed it!  he did get into it and at one point exclaimed, "mummy, daddy...the patriots wearing gloves!"  it's the little things when you are two :)   he watched for half an hour while he ate his dinner and then we took him up to bed with the promise of telling him who won in the morning.  even though he has no clue, i'm sure he'll be happy when we tell him the patriots won.  his parents may be clueless when it comes to sports, but for his sake, we are trying and hope we are doing his nana and his godfather (both die hard patriots fans) proud!  

go pats!!


Saturday, January 31, 2015

january 31, 2015

i am soooo psyched for this year's molo fitness challenge.  twelve weeks of focusing on fitness and nutrition.  this is perfect timing to help me attempt to get back to my pre-pregnancy strength, fitness and, hopefully, weight!  i was less than thrilled with my pre-fitness assessment today...i know i have a beautiful daughter to show for it, but i could barely do one full sit-up, and only managed a measly six push-ups.  probably still post-partum hormones, but i had to hold back tears as i saw all my work from last year clearly gone.  i found out i was pregnant with lydia five days after last year's molo began and even at the end, 16 weeks pregnant, i was doing more than i was able to do today.  grrr.

deep breath.  i just have to begin again and i will get back there.  here's to twelve weeks of health(ier) eating, fitness and focusing on me for a little bit.  i think as mums, especially mums of newer infants, we find ourselves completely consumed in taking care of our babes (as it should be), that our own needs often fall by the wayside.  it will be nice to know that at least a few minutes, or a new recipe or a moment to read an uplifting article will be for me.  and by taking care of me, hopefully i will be even more ready to care for my family and the best example for my husband and children.  starting out all bright eyed and bushy tailed...we'll see what i'm feeling at the end of twelve weeks haha!


Friday, January 30, 2015

january 30, 2015

i guess when your dad is a computer geek, it's only a matter of time before you are going to be taught things about technology, gaming and all things computer.  i caught this precious moment between hubby and ian this evening, as he was explaining something to the little man.  ian has really been missing hubby since his company moved boston, so when hubby walks in they usually spend a good half hour playing games, building towers or making lego creations once he's finally home.   daddy adoration at its finest!!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

january 29, 2015

snow fascinates me, especially when we get it in the volume we did earlier this week.  snowflakes are wickedly tiny and yet look at what they can amass too.  feet and feet of snow everywhere!  the sun was out today, a welcome change from the snowy clouds.  the snowflakes were lit like crystals, hence today's picture.  i can't even imagine how many snowflakes fell during the juno blizzard!


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

january 28, 2015

what do you do when you have boatloads of snow, but it feels like 4 degrees fahrenheit outside?  bring the snow inside of course!  i saw another mum post on facebook about a snow box for her son's diggers and dump trucks during the blizzard yesterday.  i wanted to take ian out again to play, but i felt it was just a little too chilly, as well as slightly too deep...the snow is higher than the poor boy in some places haha!  ian had an absolute blast and after to posting his delighted pic on facebook, a couple other mummies followed suit and we soon had several pics of happy snow-playing little ones ensconced in the warmth of their homes.   after a full day, ian went to bed asking to play with snow again tomorrow :)  mummy win!


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

january 27, 2015

our first blizzard in the porterhouse.  juno came, snowed and conquered.  it has been snowing now for over 24 hours and is still going, although not at the rate it was earlier today, thank goodness!  we have approximately 24-30 inches out there.  it was so windy that all the light, fluffy snow has been blown around making an exact measurement tricky.  it's definitely over two feet though!

we have spent the day hunkered down in the warmth of our home.  we are so grateful that we have a great new furnace and that we didn't have any power outages.  hubby was able to work from home, so we didn't have to worry about him traveling in bad weather.  yummy food was cooked and consumed, many games of trains and trucks were played and massive amounts of laundry were cleaned AND put away!  i think a mandated stay-at-home day is pretty good every once in a while.

Monday, January 26, 2015

january 26, 2015

as mentioned last week, we took a trip to the library and came home with some new books, one of which was where's waldo.  we spent some time looking for him this morning on ian's favorite page..."space ships, mummy!!!"  after admiring said space ships for a while, he successfully found waldo hiding in the space (what does one call that haha).


Sunday, January 25, 2015

january 25, 2015

for the past couple of weeks lydia has been getting more and more interested in toys.  she has a toy bar on her swing seat and some toys hanging on the handle of her car seat.  she's been playing with the toy bar for a while now, but i haven't seen her reaching for the car seat ones...until today.  we had arrived home from grocery shopping (pre-blizzard prepping along with the rest of the north shore who descended on trader joe's this afternoon!) and she was still in her seat while we were getting the groceries and ian in from the car.  i looked down to see her reaching and grabbing on to her little elephant.  ian chose this himself to give to lydia for christmas.  it was a tiny moment, but a fun one, to see her becoming more and more interactive with her surroundings :)


(disclaimer: although the bunting she is wearing seems's still a tiny bit big on her...we do not make any adjustments to her seat straps when putting her in, meaning it is safe for her to wear while traveling. it's actually quite thin, but cozy, which is great when i have to get her out of the car and into the carrier in the freezing cold.)

Saturday, January 24, 2015

january 24, 2015

today we had our first proper snowfall of the winter season.  we woke up to the snow falling and it continued all morning, much to ian's delight.  not having a garden in our salem house made it difficult to just "go out and play", so we never did end up making it out to play in the snow last winter.  this year however, we have a great garden for which to go frolicking in the snow :)  my mother-in-law gave us a snowman building kit for christmas and today seemed like the perfect day to break it out.

ian loved playing in the snow and tromped all over the garden for ages.  he helped me scoop snow and shape it into the snowman.  i got him to pose for a couple pictures, but he insisted in holding his baseball bat in every single one...toddlers!  unfortunately the pic i got of him proudly standing by his snowman was on my phone and therefore not eligible for project 365.  i did however, get this cute grin after he conquered the snowy stairs by himself...see the baseball bat? ;)

(for the snowman pic, check out my instagram feed!)


Friday, January 23, 2015

january 23, 2015

today ian and ellie had a fun playdate at imagination station in hamilton.  it's a low key, but organized, open play group held by the hamilton-wenham recreation department a couple days a week.  we've heard about it, but never attended before, and it was definitely worth the $5 we paid as admission!  it's held in the rec center gym and they have everything out to play with, from ride on kiddie cars, to a giant parachute, to tents and tunnels all connected into a maze.  my highly active two year old was in absolute heaven.  he spent a good hour riding around on different bikes and tricycles, as well as pushing a giant dump truck around at ninety miles an hour.  i'm sure we will be back at least a few more times this winter.


Thursday, January 22, 2015

january 22, 2015

today we took a much anticipated trip to the library.  as ian told hubby this evening, "i love books".  we hadn't been since before the holidays, but now that we are back into a more normal routine, we will be taking weekly trips.  the library we go to has a children's play area with a fantastic train table that ian adores.  we play toys for a little while, read some stories and then he gets to choose three books to bring home.  today he chose (with my help) curious george learns the alphabet, curious george goes sledding and where's waldo.  i thought the last one might be a bit of stretch for him, but hubby looooved finding waldo when he was a kid, so i figured they could do it together.

today's picture isn't the best one of the few i took, but it's my favorite.  i love how in this one you can see his lips pursed from buzzing as he was "brmming" the trains up the hill.  it's the little things :)


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

january 21, 2015

the kiddos and i ran a few errands this morning, some of which took us through the beautiful, coastal town of marblehead.  i finally remembered to bring my camera with me on an outing and got a crisp morning shot of salem harbor.  i love the clouds sweeping across the blue sky :)


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

january 20, 2015

it's no secret we have a tiny dining room table haha!  it was our first (and currently only) one, bought off of craigslist, when we had our first apartment after we married in 2007.  we are now squeezing more and more people around it when we have family to stay or friends (who now have kids of their own) for dinner.  although it may be tiny, there is no reason it shouldn't look lovely.  this past weekend our local williams-sonoma closed their location.  their final day everything left was 50% off the lowest price.  we got some amazing deals, among them being some new linen placements and coordinating cotton napkins.  i paired them with a new porcelain pitcher i snagged for $3 at a local thrift store and some tulips from trader joes.  i really love a good bargain!


Monday, January 19, 2015

january 19, 2015

today this little girlie is three months old!  we did a little photo shoot and while her three month blog update will showcase most of them, i wanted to pick one of my favorites for today's project 365 pic.  i can't believe we've hit the three month mark already.  it feels like just yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital!  

check out her three month update here.


lydia at three months

january 19, 2015

approximately 14 1/2 pounds
(no pedi visit for exact measurements)

we did it!  we made it through the first three months with this little girlie :)  it has been crazy, fun, emotional, stressful and a whole lot more, but i wouldn't change a single thing!  lydia is continuing to do really well.  she's definitely grown, although without a visit to the pediatrician, i don't have an exact weight this time around, though i'm fairly confident she's around fourteen and a half pounds.  she's growing out of clothes left, right and center and is wearing 3-6 months in some brands and 6 months in others.  i need to think about making her some new headbands as well, as her first few are starting to get a little small!

lydia, if possible, is getting more smiley and giggly as the weeks go by.  she hasn't hit the stranger danger phase yet and will willingly share a smile with whoever comes over to see her...acquaintances at church, waiters in restaurants, employees in name it.  her giggles are also the best thing ever.  if you kiss her a bunch on her cheeks, she starts to laugh.  if she hears you laugh at something, she'll join in, which usually makes us laugh harder.  oh, to be a fly on the wall in our house on a random afternoon and you may find ian, lydia and me giggling hysterically while the dog runs around woofing his head off wondering if we have lost our minds.  we have fun :)

we haven't seen any more rolling yet, but lydia is definitely thinking about moving.  if she's on her blanket for some floor time, either on her tummy or back, she'll eventually work herself around on the blanket and be facing a completely different direction.  when on her tummy, she's pulling her legs up underneath her and kicking out, which sometimes propels her forwards, but at this point without a ton of strength there yet, she ends up just flailing around lol.

this girl must be beginning the teething process, although that doesn't necessarily mean we will see teeth anytime soon.  in the last few weeks she has begun drooling incessantly.  it really is time to be wearing bibs to preserve her outfits from getting soaked, but i'm having a hard time covering up her super sweet outfits!  i think it's inevitable though.  she chews on her hands and fingers most of the day and the other day i caught her staring at them!  she must be getting close to the point of realizing they are her own and attached to the ends of her arms hehe.

lydia is still super chatty.  it continues to amaze us every day how much she "talks".  the above picture was actually mid sentence.  i really could sit and chat to her all day.

and just because we think she's so darn cute, here's a mid giggle shot.  our happy, happy little lady.  we couldn't be more blessed.

love you, baby girlie.